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Chair Massage

Chair massage now available for all your corporate/office parties or sporting events. I bring my massage chair and relaxing spa music.

$95 an Hour 

Normally each person gets about

 15-20 minutes in the chair.

Benefits of Chair Massage:

Boosts energy, alertness, and productivity.

Increases Circulation.

Reduces muscle tension and pain.

Helps prevent Repetitive-Stress Injuries.

Relaxes and rejuvenates.

Relieves emotional stress.

Now offering online booking!

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What customers are saying

I booked Amethyst for a couple's massage in my home.

My daughter was the other part of the couple

My daughter plays tennis and gets really knotted up. Amethyst was able to focus on her muscles and help her to relax. The next day, she played tennis really well.

I, of course, have sore muscles and brain

Amethyst is fantastic at finding what needs relief from tension and bringing relaxation to the table.

Thank you Amethyst

-Michelle B.